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Sábado, 09 Enero 2021 17:56

Copy of Sastre Académico: A tailor-made education solution

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El coronavirus se ha propagado a 200+ países, infectado a más de un millón y medio de personas y demandado acciones decisivas para evitar un mayor número de contagios y el colapso de los sistemas de salud pública. Una de las más importantes medidas de contención ha sido el distanciamiento social que incluye – entre otros – la suspensión de clases presenciales en escuelas y universidades alrededor del mundo. Según los datos más recientes de las Naciones Unidas, 776.7 millones de niños y jóvenes están actualmente en sus casas adaptándose a diversas situaciones de homeschooling.  En México, los profesores de la red pública y privada de escuelas han sido exhortados a continuar con sus clases online, a través de plataformas de comunicación remota, al igual que en otros países. 


Imagine a dentist that pulls a tooth without examining her client’s mouth first or a shoemaker that tries to fit your feet to the shoes and not vice versa. What would you think of a school that provides educational services without considering the uniqueness of each and every student?

The learning path is different for everyone; students’ characteristics and individual needs must be considered when planning a learning program. However, the concept of personalized learning should not be confused with tailor-made education. Initiatives such as differentiated instructions, the Flipped Classroom or project-based learning lack real involvement from the students in the identification of learning objectives, curriculum design or the election of evaluation methods. In all these cases, the teacher is the center of the learning process by holding the power over the content, form and place of learning.

Tailor-made education as we understand it at Sastre Académico puts students at the center of their own learning process by enabling them to have a voice on what and how they learn and transforming them into active agents. The teacher becomes a facilitator, helping students to identify the necessary tools to achieve the set objectives.

It works like tailoring a suit which is custom-made for a certain customer. First, measurements need to be taken which – in the case of Sastre Académico – means evaluating students’ learning style, interests, talents, academic background and previous experience. Each time students ask for a service, they must fill out a questionnaire which serves to identify their learning profile. Based on this diagnostic assessment, students’ abilities and competences can be defined, specific goals set and as a result, a customized learning plan established. Together, the teacher and the student can define the learning objectives and teaching methods adapted to students’ profiles and interests.

The next step is designing lessons that guarantee that the objectives will be reached. A personalized teaching strategy also means that students’ special needs are considered, whether they prefer face-to-face or long-distance lessons, intensive courses or long-term programs. New technologies will be put to the benefit of our students (e.g. interactive presentation tools, online platforms, applications, shared web whiteboard, etc.) supported by innovative and fast-access documents available at Sastre Académico’s library.
Our teachers understand that they are students’ companion in their learning adventure; they are prepared to adapt to students’ changing needs during the entire journey.
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